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 High School Alumni Memories


Below are some memories shared with us by our alumni.

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October 18, 2005:  Discovery of this site and an actual trip to the church over the past summer was awe inspiring.  Having graduated from MHT High School in 1964 I have memories of Brothers Lindemann, Pint and a few others whose names I can't recall just yet.  I used to go into the church during lunch periods and practice on the organ.  I also played the organ with the school glee club at the Vatican and New York State pavilions during the world's fair.   Thank you.

                                                                                         Alfred R. Brumbach, HS Class of '64



September 30, 2005:  I remember getting off the 14th Street Canarsie Line and going right into the diner adjacent to the station; then walking to the high school. Those cold winter days!  We used to call it the coldest block in B'klyn. Is the luncheonette still there?  What is the old neighborhood like?  Are the high school classrooms still there?  If so, what are they being used for?  I saw pictures of the church.  It still looks the same.  I remember Fr. Bacci and Fr. Abrams giving great sermons capturing my attention on Friday afternoons. Great memories! Please let me know...... anything!I look forward to hearing from you.  I presently teach Spanish at a college on Long Island. I owe most of my success and motivation to the Marianists at Trinity and the University of Dayton. Hasta la proxima

                                                                                         Joseph Grossi, HS Class of '59


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