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 Trinity Alumni Association: Recent Mailing


The pages below were sent in a mailing to our Alumni Association members on Monday, October 15, 2007.  If you wish to be included in our next mailing, please complete the form below and send it to us.  Completing the form will also enroll you in the Trinity Alumni Association.

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M O S T   H O L Y   T R I N I T Y   C H U R C H

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October 15, 2007

 Dear Trinity Alumni and Friends:

Greetings from Most Holy Trinity! You may have heard that an effort is being made to revitalize the Trinity Alumni Association. During the past two years a number of people have volunteered their time to help with this effort. 

The following have been accomplished:

1.         Web pages dedicated to the Trinity Alumni Association have been posted to the Most Holy Trinity web site (see them at:

2.         An archive of Trinity memorabilia has been gathered and safeguarded in an office in the school building that once housed both the elementary and high schools.

3.         Efforts have been made to update the data base of Alumni Association members.

We are very pleased to announce that Miss Hannah Bruchman, a highly motivated high school senior and accomplished Girl Scout, has recently volunteered her time to help us with the Trinity Alumni effort. This project will help her to complete her Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can achieve. Hannah will gather information about our alumni members, update our data base, post accurate and up-to-date information on the Alumni pages of the Trinity web site, and help us to plan for a Springtime Alumni Homecoming scheduled for Saturday, April 5, 2008. Please see the note that Hannah has attached to this letter.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will be able to join us in April of 2008.

Very Truly Yours,


Fr. Timothy P. Dore, OFM Conv.

Parochial Vicar, Most Holy Trinity Church



Miss Hannah Bruchman
c/o Trinity Alumni Association
138 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11206

October 15, 2007

 Dear Most Holy Trinity Alum,

            My name is Hannah Bruchman, and I am currently working with Fr. Timothy to create an online database of past Trinity elementary and high school students and graduates. This project will help me complete my Girl Scout Gold Award. With the new and updated database, Trinity can help to keep its alumni informed about alumni gatherings, such as class reunions, as well as upcoming events at Most Holy Trinity. An event that we would like you to plan to attend is the Spring Alumni Homecoming to take place at Trinity on Saturday, April 5, 2008. It will include a Mass to be celebrated in the church at 10:00 AM followed by a luncheon in the school gym. It would be so wonderful if many of the Trinity Alumni could be present on that day.

            According to the mission statement of The Trinity Alumni Association, it was “established to nurture and perpetuate good fellowship among its alumni, . . . hopes to keep its alumni connected to each other and to guard and cherish the wonderful memories at Trinity,” as well as “to encourage and to continue the special bond that our members have with Most Holy Trinity Church.” I am so happy that I have the opportunity, as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award, to help with this wonderful effort.

            My first task as part of this project is to complete this mailing that you have received. The second is to compile the information that you supply to me by using the enclosed return form and envelope (thanks for supplying a stamp on the return envelope). You may also choose to send us your information by using our Alumni Association email address ( Once I have received everyone’s information, I will be able to move on to the third task which will be to update all of the Alumni records kept at Trinity. I will then be in touch with you again as I help to organize the Spring Alumni Homecoming at Trinity.

             Thank you so much for your part in revitalizing the Trinity Alumni Association, and thank you for your help as I work on this project in order to complete my Girl Scout Gold Award.




Hannah Bruchman



T R I N I T Y   A L U M N I   A S S O C I A T I O N

138 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11206

See us on the Internet at:


                 The Trinity Alumni Association is an organization of alumni, faculty, staff, family and friends of Most Holy Trinity Elementary and High Schools. The Trinity Alumni Association proposes to help its members in their efforts to renew, rekindle and maintain the contacts made over the long history of the schools through newsletters, special events, reunions, updated web pages on the Trinity web site, and a safeguarded archives. Most Holy Trinity Elementary School was founded in 1851. The Sisters of St. Dominic began teaching there in 1853. The elementary school had been in constant operation by religious and lay teachers since from the time it opened until the day it closed in June of 2005. The Society of Mary (the Marianists) began teaching in the boys’ division in 1904. Most Holy Trinity High School was operated and staffed by the Marianists with diocesan priests and lay faculty from 1915 until it closed in June of 1972. A special word of thanks must be given to Joe Manzo, HS '60, who labored to establish and build the Trinity Alumni Association. With eternal gratitude and thanks!

Please help us to update our records.

No membership dues or donations are being sought at this time.


NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

Spouse / Significant Other: ________________________________________________________

STREET: ______________________________________________________________________

CITY: ________________________________________________________________________

STATE/Country: _____________________________         ZIP CODE: ____________________

HOME PHONE: __________________________________________

EMAIL: __________________________________________________

BUSINESS Name/Address: ______________________________________________________

BUSINESS PHONE: __________________________________________

 AFFILIATION: Check as many as apply

 ❑ Alumni / Elementary: Year of Graduation: ______________

❑ Alumni / High School: Year of Graduation: ______________

❑ Student / Non-graduate: Years: ______________ □ Elementary □ High School

❑ Faculty / Elementary: Years: ______________ Position: _________________

❑ Faculty / High School: Years: ______________ Position: _________________

❑ Staff / Elementary: Years: ______________ Position: _________________

❑ Staff / High School: Years: ______________ Position: _________________

❑ Religious: Community: ___________________ Religious Name: _____________________

❑ Parent(s): Child(ren)’s Name(s): _______________________________________________

❑ Friend of Trinity

 VOLUNTEER: I would like to give my time in the following ways. Check as many as apply:

❑ Board Member

❑ Reunion Committee

❑ Web Site assistant

❑ Mailing list assistant

❑ Newsletter writer/contributor

❑ Event chair/host

❑ Historian

❑ Archivist

❑ Fund Raiser

❑ Grant Writer

Please complete this form and return it to Trinity in the envelope provided. Thanks!

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Please contact the Trinity Alumni Association at:
or  Most Holy Trinity Church at:

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