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 Please Help Us To Save and Restore Our Towers!


Please read the special appeal letter below sent by Fr. Russell Governale, OFM Conv., our pastor, Ms. Ines Hernandez-Reddick, President of our Parish Council, and Mr. Victor Robles, member of our Parish Finance Committee.  Click here to open the letter in PDF format.

Click here to skip below in order to see the flyer with photos printed in conjunction with this appeal.  Click here to open the flyer in PDF format.

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12 February 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are writing to you today hoping that you are experiencing the deep love of God. Yesterday, the Parish Staff (Fr. Russell, Fr. Timothy, Sr. Pat and Br. Michael) met with members of the Parish Council and the Finance Committee of the parish to discuss a very important topic for all of us here at Most Holy Trinity. As you may or may not know, we have begun doing massive repair work on the Steeples of our Church building. In 1990, the parish was given a subsidy of $750,000 by the Diocese of Brooklyn for us to cover the towers, which were in great disrepair, with lead-coated copper. Fifteen years later, we have found that some of the work which was done was not done well, and that pieces of the lead-coated copper have started to flap in the wind and become a danger for people below and for the building itself. Unfortunately, the company which did the work and gave a warrantee is no longer in business.

The parish has contracted with Universal Steeplejacks to do the repairs (9,000 anchors have been screwed into the towers and both towers are soon to be painted with a thick coating (guaranteed for 20 years!). The cost of the repairs is $180,000.00. This is quite a lot of money and we are in need of your help. This is the reason for this letter. The buildings of Most Holy Trinity belong to all of us as a parish family. This is a critical moment, and so it was decided by the Parish Council and Finance Committee to ask all of our parishioners to help us attain these needed funds. We need to humbly request that each family unit (of whatever size) make a tax deductible donation of at least $300.00 per registered family. If you can do more that would be wonderful and would help greatly toward covering the expenses of those families which cannot offer that amount.

We are aware that the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is going to begin in March and you are going to be asked by the Bishop to help meet our parish’s goal. However, this appeal for our steeples, IS TOTALLY SEPARATE from the appeal for the Bishop. You and all of our friends of this community have been generous in the past and we know that we can count on your generosity in this time of need. Please be so kind as to make your checks or money orders to MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH and to mail them in the envelope provided with this letter. Your donation will be of great assistance to our parish family and will allow our new pastor, Fr. Santo Cricchio, to begin his ministry in a more tranquil and pastorally-focused way.

May God continue to bless you and your loved ones for your goodness and for the wonderful friendship which you have shared with Fr. Russell, our present pastor, who is assisting us this one last time, with this important concern in the life of our Faith Community.

Gratefully yours in Christ,

     Fr. Russell Governale, OFM Conv.

     Ms. Ines Hernandez-Reddick
     President: Parish Council

     Mr. Victor Robles
     Finance Committee Member


Below is the flyer that accompanied the letter above, both of which were sent to all registered parishioners.

Click here to open the flyer in PDF format.


The Twin Towers of Most Holy Trinity Church
Las Torres Gemelas de la Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad
138 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, New York /

Please Help Us to Make Necessary Repairs so that the Towers will Continue
to Stand and to Bring Hope To Future Generations of the People of Williamsburg!

¡Por Favor Ayúdenos a Hacer las Reparaciones Necesarias para que las Torres Continúen Levantadas
y Traigan Esperanza a las Futuras Generaciones de la Comunidad de Williamsburg!

Workmen from Universal Steeplejacks climb to the highest heights of the East tower on February 7, 2006. They worked for weeks securing the metal surface of the tower with more than 9,000 special anchors (see below). / Obreros de Steeplejacks Universal suben a las alturas más altas de la torre del Este el 7 de Febrero del 2006. Ellos trabajaron durante semanas asegurando la superficie de metal de la torre con más de 9,000 anclas especiales (vea debajo).

Our towers have stood on Montrose Avenue for more than one-hundred and twenty years. Here they are pictured during the blizzard of 2006. / Nuestras torres han estado de pie en la Avenida de Montrose por más de ciento veinticinco años. Esta foto fue tomada durante la tormenta de nieve del 2006.

This 1½’ by 3' patch on the East tower was placed over a hole that was created when a piece of the original metal was torn away by the wind. If not for the work being done, many more pieces would have come loose and perhaps fallen to the street below. / Este parcho de 1½ ' por 3 ' en la torre del Este fue colocado sobre un hueco que fue creado cuando una pedazo del metal original se arrancó por el viento. Si no se hubiera hecho este trabajo, muchos más pedazos se habrían sultado y quizás se habrían caído abajo a la calle.

The tower repair work is both necessary and dangerous. It is also very expensive! / El trabajo de reparación de las torres es necesario y peligroso. ¡También es muy caro!


Please Help Us!      !Ayúdenos Por favor!




Your contributions can be sent to the following:

"Tower Restoration Fund"
Most Holy Trinity Church
138 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2043

Please make checks payable to "Most Holy Trinity Church"



Please contact Most Holy Trinity Church at:

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