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 Priests who have served at Trinity


Below is a list of all of the priests (pastors and their associates) who have served Most Holy Trinity since 1841.  The years that each priest served the parish are noted.

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Pastors who have served at Most Holy Trinity:

Rev. John Stephen Raffeiner, V.F. (1841 until 1861)
Right Rev. Msgr. Michael May, V.F. (1861 until 1895)
Right Rev. Msgr. Peter Dauffenbach (1895 until 1908)
Rev. Frederick M. Schneider (1908 until 1919)
Rev. Peter Bernard, Administrator (July to December 1919)
Right Rev. Msgr. George A. Metzger (1919 until 1931)
Rev. George M. Dorman (1931 until 1940)
Rev. George S. Herget (1940 until 1946)
Rev. Joseph G. Conway (1946 until 1958)
Rev. Stephen C. Schubert (1959 until 1966)
Rev. Peter J. Seeger (1966 until 1968)
Rev. William P. Vaskas (1968 until 1982)
Rev. Robert P. Kennedy (January, 1982)
Rev. John McGuirl, Administrator (1982 until 1984)

Conventual Franciscan Pastors:

Rev. Francis Lombardo, OFM Conv. (1984 until 1988)
Rev. Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv. (1988 until 1997)
Rev. Russell Governale, OFM Conv. (1997 until 2006)
Rev. Santo Cricchio, OFM Conv. (2006 to the present)

Assistant Pastors, Curates and Parochial Vicars who have served at Most Holy Trinity:

Rev. John Raffeiner Jr. (1848-1849)
Rev. John Raufeisen (1850-1851)
Rev. Maurus Ramsauer, O.S.B. (1850-1851)
Rev. Friedrich Jung (1851-1852)
Rev. Caspar Metzler (1853)
Rev. Joseph Huber (1853-1856)
Rev. Alois Endres (1856-1857)
Rev. Philip Albrecht (1857-1859)
Rev. Michael May (1859-1861) (Pastor—1861 to 1895)
Rev. John Hauptmann (1859-1861)
Rev. John Hoffmann (1860)
Rev. Anthony Arnold (1863-1867)
Rev. Joseph Ulrich (1868)
Rev. Joseph Hauber (1868)
Rev. Peter Schwarz (1869-1875)
Rev. Gustave Kammerer (1869)
Rev. August M. Niemann (1871)
Rev. Jacob Hanselmann (1874)
Rev. Francis X. Pauletigi (1875-1979)
Rev. John Willman (1872-1877)
Rev. John Hanselmann (1878-1880)
Rev. George Feser (1878-1883)
Rev. George Kaupert (1880–1891)
Rev. John Koerbele (1881-1894)
Rev. George Hanselmann (1881-1887)
Rev. John Zentgraf (1886-1890)
Rev. George D. Sander (1886-1895)
Rev. Joseph Traenkele (1890)
Rev. George Schaaf (1891-1893)
Rev. Thomas Hanselmann (1893-1904)
Rev. Henry A. Zimmer (1894-1918)
Rev. Joseph Buser (1895-1899)
Rev. John J. Bender (1896-1908)
Rev. Nicholas Wagner (1896-??)
Rev. Joseph Augustin (1897-1898)
Rev. Conrad B. Lutz (1900-1906)
Rev. Herman J. Pfeifer (1904-1906)
Rev. George A. Metzger (1904-1917) (Pastor—1919 to1931)
Rev. Ignatius Endres (1908-1909)

Rev. George Goehringer (1909-1910)
Rev. Henry Hoffmann (1910-1914)
Rev. Francis X. Renner (1911-1913)
Rev. George A. Lannig (1912-1914) (1919-1922)
Rev. J. Augustin Rath (1914)
Rev. Philip Scharfenberger (1914-1920 and 1920-1932 with brief service at St Matthias in ‘20).
Rev. Mieczyslaus Mrozinski (1916)
Rev. Peter Bernard (1917-1920)
Rev. George D. Sherman (1922)
Rev. Francis J. Kleinklaus (1923-1925)
Rev. Paul J. Faustmann (1925)
Rev. Adam J. Willmann (1925)
Rev. Lawrence Kalsch (1932-1937)
Rev. Joseph O. Reichert (1937-1944)
Rev. George Gilligan, M.M. (1940-??)
Rev. Ambrose McGowan (1942)
Rev. George Rubly (1944)
Rev. George Holzheimer (1944)
Rev. Thomas Walsh (1945)
Rev. Joseph G. Conway (1945-1946) (Pastor—1946 to 1958)
Rev. John Brennan (1946)
Rev. William J. Boegel (1946-1953)
Rev. Anthony J. Baretta (1947-1952)
Rev. Robert J. Milde (1948-1951)
Rev. John L. Abrams (1951-1962)
Rev. Robert P. Bacci (1951-1958)
Rev. James E. Gotimer (1953-1963)
Rev. Joseph M. Mergler (1958-1960)
Rev. James P. Regan (1960-1964)
Rev. Walter P. Murphy (1962-1963)
Rev. Herbert J. Hooven (1963-1965)
Rev. Joseph A. Mullen (1963)
Rev. Thomas A. Haggerty (1964-1976)
Rev. William F. Lanahan (1965)
Rev. Wenceslaus Yonson (1965-1976)
Rev. Robert J. Sarno (1976-1977)
Rev. Everist Marcelino (1978)
Rev. David Fitzgerald (1978-1980)

Rev. Kevin B. Noone (1978-1981)

The Conventual Franciscan Years

Rev. Anthony Lesniak, OFM Conv. (1981-1982)
Rev. Ronald Roll, OFM Conv. (1981-1983)
Rev. Julio Martinez, OFM Conv (1981-1985)
Rev. Ken Ward, OFM Conv. (1982)
Rev. Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv (1983-1988) (Pastor—1988 to 1997)
Rev. Edwin (Christopher) Lucas, OFM Conv. (1984-1985)
Rev. Francis Lombardo, OFM Conv. (Pastor—1984 to 1988)
Rev. Dennis Grumsey, OFM Conv. (1985-1992)
Rev. Thomas Merrill, OFM Conv. (1987-1988)
Rev. Russell Governale, OFM Conv. (1987-1991) (Pastor—1997 to 2006)
Rev. Jose Eduardo Medeiros, OFM Conv. (1991-1992)
Rev. Vincent Imhof, OFM Conv. (1989-1991)
Rev. Santo Cricchio, OFM Conv. (1991-1995) (Pastor—2006 to the present)
Rev. Timothy Dore, OFM Conv. (1992-1998) (2004 to present)
Rev. Marcel Sokalski, OFM Conv. (1997-2001)
Rev. Pedro de Oliveira, OFM Conv. (2000-2001)
Rev. Vincent Rubino, OFM Conv. (2001-2004)
Rev. Edgar Ramirez, OFM Conv. (2002)

Rev. Darek Barna, OFM Conv. (2006 to present)

Thank You Faithful Servants of God!

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