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 Most Holy Trinity – St. Mary Jornada Group


Our parish is affiliated with a Latino youth movement called the “Jornadas de Vida Cristiana” (i.e., the “Journey of the Christian Life”); the movement itself is closely associated with the “Cursillos de Cristiandad” (i.e., the “Little Courses of Christianity”), a related movement serving adult Catholics. The members of our Jornada group, affectionately known as “Jornadistas,” meet every First Friday for Mass at 7:00 P.M. followed by a closed "J" meeting; each Jornadistas has made a “Jornada weekend,” a three-day retreat in which they were offered a deep experience of God.  For more information about the Jornada Movement, see the Brooklyn Diocese Jornada web site at: 


The Motto of the Jornada Movement:
"Todo a Jesús por María y Todo a María por Jesús"
"All to Jesus through Mary, all to Mary for Jesus."


The motto of the Jornada Movement was adopted from that of the Marist Brothers of the Schools, a religious community of men founded in France in 1816.  The Marist Brothers were instrumental in founding the Jornada Movement in 1959 in Mexico City, Mexico  (see more information about the history of the Jornada Movement at the bottom of this page).

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A group of Trinity Jornadistas with Fr. Vinnie Rubino, OFM Conv.  Fr. Vinnie was our spiritual director from 2001 until he departed Most Holy Trinity in June of 2004




Each year on Holy Saturday our group participates in the Annual "Caminata" sponsored by the Jornada Movement.  Groups from all over the Diocese of Brooklyn participate, each wearing some distinctive type of clothing that identifies their group.  During the "Caminata" the participants walk for many miles, stopping along the way to visit churches in the diocese that sponsor Jornada youth groups.  This photo was taken in 2003.  That year, and in order to honor Jornadistas deployed in the war, our members wore "Troop Trinity" uniforms.




Spiritual Directors:

Fr. Santo Cricchio, OFM Conv.  (J-151) 1992-1996
Fr. Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv. 1996-1997
Fr. Russell Governale, OFM Conv. 1997-1999
Fr. Pedro DeOliveira, OFM conv. 1999-2001
Fr. Vinnie Rubino, OFM Conv. 2001-2004
Fr. Timothy Dore, OFM Conv.  (J-148) 2004-Present




Our mascot was was adopted during the time that Fr. Santo Cricchio, OFM Conv., was our group's spiritual director (from 1992 until 1996).

Orange is the official color of the Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary Jornada Youth Group

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The members of our Jornada group worked very hard scraping and painting our church fence and gates during the autumn  of 2005.  Here some of the guys take a short break from their generous labor.



The following Jornadistas from Most Holy Trinity – St. Mary's have experienced the Jornada retreat weekend:



Arroyo, Felipe J-105
Baptista, Stevie J-145
Beauchamp, Alex J-149
Belen, Wellington J-119
Cricchio, Fr. Santo J-151
Cruz, Louis J-93
Cuenca, Luis J-104
Cuevas, Felipe J-150
Dominguez, Manuel J-151
Dore, Fr. Timothy J-148
Espinal, Junior J-127
Figueroa, Felix J-106
Fung-A-Ling, Shawn J-137
Gonzalez, Juvie J-128
Gonzalez, Danny J-126
Gutierrez, Sandro J-111
Irizarry, Joseph J-149
Johnson, Luis J-132
Lopez, Louie J-145
Lopez, Steve J-127
Lopez, Danny J-106
Lopez, Hugo J-106
Lugo, Leo J-126
Martinez, Danny J-143
Martinez, Santiago J-105
Medina, Gustavo J-148
Medina, Jaimie J-107
Montalvo, Giovani J-128
Morales, Frankie J-115
Morales, Jaime J-113
Morales, Raul J-107
Morales, Danny J-142
Muñoz, Manny J-153
Oquendo, Max J-149
Perez, Jose J-70
Quiles, John J-149
Rodriguez, Angel J-149
Rodriguez, Angel J-116
Rodriguez, Orville J-114
Roman, Vinnie J-104
Rosario, George J-100
Rosario, Orlando J-104
Rosario, Jesus J-101
Soto, Angel J-128
Soto, Nelson J-128
Torres, Reinaldo J-131
Torres, Ramon J-100
Torribo, Brayne J-105
Vaca, Pablo J-107
Vargas, Jason J-153
Vasques, Christopher J-115
Vasques, Freddy J-69
Veles, Melvin J-131
Xelio, Carlos J-111






Alegria, Marin J-103
Azcona, Rosa J-120
Azcona, Julissa J-118
Borrero, Malinda J-108
Canales, Lillian J-125
Castillo, Zulma J-120
Cortes, Jessica J-125
Cosme, Christine J-130
Dimerelle, Nicole J-154
Dominguez, Maria J-114
Espinal, Nina J-137
Figueroa, Melody J-115
Flores, Shareen J-116
Franqui, Kathy J-141
Franqui, Lorraine J-139
Gonzales, Alize J-137
Gonzales, Madeline J-134
Guervara, Gigi J-155
Hernandez, Mari J-153
Herrera, Annielie J-115
Lopez, Maribel J-112
Martinez, Elizabeth J-108
McDonald, Tiffany J-151
Miranda, Zenaida J-160
Molerno, Tatiana J-156
Morales, Sandy J-120
Morales, Mita J-122
Morales, Jessica J-150
Oquendo, Cathy J-125
Pena, Tania J-128
Perez, Giselle J-159
Rosa, Christina J-155
Rosa, Barbara J-160
Rosario, Gladys J-117
Soto, Dorris J-137
Valentin, Arecelis J-117
Vargas, Sasha J-159
Vega, Stephanie J-153
Velez, Vanessa J-136













The members of our Jornada group sponsored a haunted house on Saturday, October 29, 2005.  The haunted house was a community building activity for the group and was intended for the enjoyment of children and their parents during the time of Halloween.  Everyone had a lot of fun!    Click here to see more of the photos





A Brief History of the Jornada Movement:

Todo a Jesús por María y Todo a María por Jesús,” the motto of the Jornada Movement, (Movimiento de Jornadas de Vida Cristiana) is the same as that of the Marist Brothers of the Schools, a religious community of men founded in France in 1816.  The Jornada Movement was founded by Brother Arturo Chavez de la Mora in 1959 at the Centro Universitario Mexico, a college run by the brothers in Mexico City, Mexico. Brother Arturo and his associates believed that young people needed to know the things of God, to live an experience of Christ and to discover the meaning of redemption; and so they developed the Jornada retreat experience to answer this need. The young people who experienced the first Jornada retreats became dedicated and enthusiastic young Christians who desired to share their experience with others, and so the Jornada Movement was founded. From the earliest days of the movement, Jornadistas have emphasized the role of "youth evangelizing youth." The movement spread from the Centro Universitario Mexico to other parts of Mexico and eventually to other countries, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and the United States as well. The spiritual direction of the Jornada Movement in Brooklyn has been under the care of the Vincentian Fathers since its arrival here in New York in the 1960s.

"Todo a Jesús por María y Todo a María por Jesús"
"All to Jesus through Mary, all to Mary for Jesus."



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