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 Some of our Favorite Links


Here are some of our favorite links; they are connected to the Church at large. Please note that these sites are independent of ours. Their content is linked here for your convenience.  We hope you enjoy our connection to theirs!




See our "Group" page on Facebook.  There it reads: "We are a Roman Catholic parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York; the parish has been ministering to the people of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York for more than one-hundred and sixty years. We are served by Conventual Franciscan Friars, Amityville Dominican Sisters and many dedicated lay people!"

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn

We are located in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens.  It is the only diocese in the country that is completely urban, and it is a wonderful place to be! Check out this site and learn more about our diocese.


The Our Lady of the Angels Province

The Franciscan Friars who have lived and worked at Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary since 1981 are members of the American Province of Our Lady of the Angels. The province, headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland, has parishes, high schools and other ministries throughout the Eastern United States.


Sisters of Saint Dominic of Amityville, New York

The Amityville Dominican Sisters ministered in the parish beginning in August of 1853.  Invited by the first pastor of Trinity, Father John Stephen Raffeiner, four sisters who had come from Holy Cross Monastery, Regensburg, Germany took charge of the parish school.  Visit the sisters' site and learn more about the modern Amityville Dominicans.

Conventual Franciscan Friars

The friars who live and minister at Most Holy Trinity – St. Mary are members of the worldwide Order of Friars Minor, Conventual.  Check out this site developed by the vocation directors of the provinces of the Unites States.


Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy

Trinity Human Services Corporation

Although legally a separate entity,  the Trinity Human Services Corporation, known to us as "the Center" is the social services arm of our parish;  it is an organization that provides direct aid, case assistance and information and educational training to the economically disadvantaged families of our area.

The Companions of Saint Anthony

The Companions of Saint Anthony, a ministry of the Conventual Province of Our Lady of the Angels, is a site devoted to spiritual development and renewal.  Walk with Saint Anthony of Padua at this site dedicated to his life and spirituality.


Urban Oyster NYC Walking Tours

"From Breweries in Brooklyn to Food Carts in Midtown to Green Buildings at the Navy Yard, Urban Oyster tours take you to the heart of the neighborhoods of New York City, where you get to know the people and businesses that make the city tick."  Nearly every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year, Most Holy Trinity--St. Mary is a stop on Urban Oyster's "Brewed in Brooklyn Tour."  Those who come to us on the tour explore the history and architecture of our late-19th century church.  They are told about parish of the mid-1800s, and in particular about its German and Irish roots. The visitors are also told about more recent immigrants who have come to our community and about the vibrant parish that we are today.  We are very pleased to be partners with Urban Oyster and to welcome the many visitors they bring to us!

Our parish is affiliated with a Latino youth movement called the “Jornadas de Vida Cristiana” (i.e., the “Journey of the Christian Life”); the movement itself is closely associated with the “Cursillos de Cristiandad” (i.e., the “Little Courses of Christianity”), a related movement serving adult Catholics. Click on the link above to go to the Brooklyn Diocese Jornada web site.

El Padrecito's Online Church

El Padrecito’s Online Church is a safe place of creative expression, socializing, and advice for teenagers largely from the Latino community in the United States; the site was started by Friar Masseo Gonzalez, OFM Conv.

The Eternal Word Television Network

The Eternal Word Television Network is the spiritual lifeline for many homebound Catholics.  This site has wonderful links to  prayers, daily Scripture readings for the Mass, and all things Catholic.  Visit this site and see!

The Archdiocese of New York

Although Most Holy Trinity – St. Mary is directly under the authority of the Diocese of Brooklyn, the site for the Archdiocese of New York has a great deal of information relevant to any Catholic who lives within the City of New York.

The Vatican

This is the official site of the Vatican.  It is presented in many different languages.

Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture

This is a great site that gives detailed explanations of many symbols in Christian art and architecture.  It is a very useful companion when studying our Church's art and architecture.

The mission of, a ministry of the Franciscan Friars of the O.F.M. Province of St. John the Baptist, is to give inactive Catholics an opportunity to get back in touch with the Church  They wish to help them sort through any issues they might have with the Church.

Will you be traveling sometime soon, and want to be sure about where and when you will be able to go to Mass?  Check out this site in order to find Catholic churches and Mass times for the area in which you will be traveling.






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