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 Liturgy and Sacraments


There is an ancient Latin phrase that reads “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.” This more or less translates to “how one prays is how one believes.” At Trinity we desire to reflect our faith in the way that we pray together; we desire to pray together in a manner befitting our Roman Catholic faith; we hope that in our liturgies, and in the celebration of our sacraments, we do these things well!  Please come and join us as we journey in faith together.

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Sunday  / Domingo / Niedziela:

(There are no Saturday Vigil Masses at Trinity)

8:30 AM   Po polsku
9:30 AM
10:45 AM
12:30 PM
8:00 PM Sunday Night
"Last Chance" Mass  ( English / Contemporary Music Ensemble)

Daily / Diarias / Codzienne

Monday / Lunes / Poniedzialek:
Tuesday / Martes / Wtorek:
7:15 AM 
English, 8:30 AM  Español
Wednesday / Miercoles / Środa:
7:00 PM 
Trilingual – English, Español, Po polsku
Thursday / Jueves / Czwartek:
7:15 AM 
English, 8:30 AM  Español,
7:30 PM 
Po polsku
Friday / Viernes / Piatek:
7:15 AM 
English, 7:00 PM  Español
Saturday / Sabado / Sobata:
9:00 AM

Holy Days

Schedule to be announced


The Church teaches us that we must go to confession “at least once a year.”  This is known as “the Easter duty” because it is traditionally done sometime after the beginning of Lent and before the end of the Easter season.  This is especially relevant for those who have committed “serious sins.”  It is spiritually beneficial to go to confession on a more regular and frequent basis.  We have confessions at Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary every Saturday, or anytime by appointment.  Come and be reconciled to God and the community!


4:00--5:00 P.M.  English, Spanish and Polish


Diocesan rules dictate that a newly engaged couple planning to be married must contact their parish at least six months in advance, and before a date is set.  In order to do this, the couple must contact the parish office in order to make an appointment with one of the priests.

The schedule of stipends, times and dates available, and other pertinent information will be discussed during the couple's first appointment with the priest.

Couples married outside of the Church, who now wish to have their marriages “blessed” (technically called a “convalidation”), are invited contact one of the priests in order to begin the process.



Baptisms for babies and very young children normally take place during the last weekend of every month.  Parents must register for the baptism before the first Sunday of the month in which the child is to be baptized.  Please contact the parish office in order to make an appointment to register.

The parents of the child, ideally registered members of our parish, must be practicing Catholics.  Godparents must bring a letter from their parish stating that they too are practicing Catholics and are qualified to serve in this important role.

There are two classes the parents must attend before the baptism; these are held on the second and third Sunday of the month.  The Godparents must attend the class on the second Sunday.

School aged children who wish to be baptized must be enrolled in the parish's Religious Education program.

Adults who wish to be baptized must enroll in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.).   This is a process that usually begins in the month of September and culminates at the Great Easter Vigil with Baptism, reception of the Eucharist and Confirmation.  Those participating in the R.C.I.A. are guided and gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic way of life.   Please consult the Religious Education Office for more information.

Anointing of the Sick

Parishioners are asked to call the parish office when a family member is seriously ill and in need of Anointing.  The parish occasionally offers this Sacrament during special Masses.

Pastoral Visits to the Sick

Parishioners are asked to notify the parish office when a family member is unable to come to church because of a serious illness or advanced age.  Our parish Pastoral Visitors who are Ministers of Holy Communion take the Eucharist to the sick on a regular basis. 

If you are confined to your home, please call us.  We would be very happy to make arrangements for someone to visit you and bring you Jesus in the Eucharist!


Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.” (NAB)

The Mass of Christian Burial is not a sacrament, but it celebrates the Christian life of the one who has died; it gives the family of the deceased, and the faith community, an opportunity to come together for consolation and to pray for the one who has died.

Arrangements for a funeral Mass are usually done by the funeral home to which the family has taken their loved one who has died.


Please consult the Religious Education Office for information about First Communions, Confirmations and the R.C.I.A. (Christian Initiation of Adults).

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