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 Marianists at Trinity


The Society of Mary ("Marianists") is a Roman Catholic religious order of brothers and priests.  The Marianists served the parish for sixty-eight years, first coming to Most Holy Trinity from Dayton, Ohio in 1904; in the earliest days of their presence in the parish, the Marianists supervised the boys division of the parish elementary school. The first Marianists to come to Trinity were Brothers Louis Bornhorn, S.M., Joseph Wisgickel, S.M., Sylvester Kubin, S.M., and Charles Treubig, S.M.  More than ten years after these first brothers arrived, the Marianists began in 1915 to enthusiastically administer and teach young men at Most Holy Trinity High School; the high school was open from that year until it closed in 1972.  With the closure of the high school, the Marianist era at Trinity came to an end.  The parish will forever be grateful to the members of the Society of Mary for their dedicated years of service at Trinity. 

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The Marianists Taught at Most Holy Trinity High School from 1915 until the school closed in 1972.  The parish school building housed both elementary and high school classrooms.  Today this building houses Ss. Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy, a Catholic elementary school for all of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn (i.e., it's a "cluster school").

The chapel located in the Marianists' residence, as it appeared in 1966 when this photo was taken.  It is hoped that someday this chapel will be re-opened, and renamed "Saint Mary's Chapel," to be used as a daily Mass chapel for the new parish of Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary (the two parishes merged in September of 2007).


The Marianists lived in the Most Holy Trinity High School Faculty House for eighteen years: from the year construction was completed in 1954 until the community departed Trinity in 1972.  Today this building, known as "Haggerty House," is used a group home for handicapped young adults.

This sign, etched in marble, is still visible at the main entrance to the former Marianists residence located next to the church on Montrose Avenue.





Blessed William Joseph Chaminade founded the Society of Mary (Marianists) in 1817.  They first arrived in the United States in 1849. Throughout their history in our country, the community has been involved in many types of ministries; they have particularly been champions of Catholic education. Today the Marianists of the Province of the Unites States sponsor three universities and eighteen high schools, as well as a number of parishes and retreat centers.

Although Most Holy Trinity High School is no longer open, the Marianists’ ministry here, and their devotion to the young men they served at Trinity, is still appreciated and held in the highest regard. We will forever be grateful!


(Taken from

At the celebration, Bro. Stephen Glodek, Fr. Santo Cricchio, OFM Conv. (pastor), Fr. Timothy P. Dore, OFM Conv. (parochial vicar), Fr. Ted Cassidy and Joe Manzo. Photo courtesy of Fr. Ted.

Bro. Stephen Glodek and Fr. Ted Cassidy attended an alumni gathering of Most Holy Trinity High School April 5 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. The Marianists administered Holy Trinity from 1914 to 1972. Bro. Stephen and Fr. Ted both taught at the school. "When I was there, I remember a listing of over 50 men who joined the Society of Mary from the school," said Fr. Ted. The celebration included Mass and a luncheon. Joe Manzo, an alumnus, former faculty member and former Marianist, was honored at the event. The school is now an elementary school, Sts. Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy of Williamsburg, and the parish is administered by the Conventual Franciscans.

Marianists who served at Trinity

The following brothers and priests ministered at Most Holy Trinity High School:

This list is very incomplete and currently under construction--please send us (at: the names of brothers and priest that you remember who served at Trinity, and we will post them to this list.

Bro. Francis Annunziata, S.M.
Rev. Aloysius Bedel, S.M.
Bro. Paul Boeckerman, S.M.
Rev. Thomas Bodie, S.M.
Bro. Lawrence Boll, S.M.
Bro. Robert Boltz, S.M.
Bro. Louis Bornhorn, S.M. (1904)
Bro. William Busch, S.M.
Bro. William Cambell, S.M.
Rev. Charles Cancillieri, S.M.
Bro. Ted Cassidy, S.M.
Bro. William Chapman, S.M.
Bro. John Collins, S.M.
Bro. William Collins, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Concannon, S.M.
Bro. John Conway, S.M.
Bro. William Crenner, S.M.
Bro. Carmine Diadoti, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Duffy, S.M.
Bro. Donald DuScheid, S.M.
Bro. John Eichelman, S.M.
Bro. Leroy Eid, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Fox, S.M.
Bro. Raymond Fuechslin, S.M.
Bro. Lawrence Gardner, S.M.
Bro. Robert Geary, S.M.
Bro. Stephen Glodek, S.M.
Bro. Robert H. Hamilton, S.M.
Bro. Francis Keenan, S.M.
Bro. Anthony Kelley, S.M.
Bro. John Kelly, S.M.
Rev. Francis Kenney, S.M.
Bro. Richard Knuge, S.M.
Rev. Henry Kobe, S.M.
Bro. Henry Kraeter, S.M.
Bro. Sylvester Kubin, S.M. (1904)
Rev. Richard Kuhn, S.M.
Bro. Robert Lindemann, S.M.
Bro. Charles Luttenberg , S.M.
Bro. Ernest Lorfanfant, S.M.
Rev. Joseph Lynch, S.M.
Bro. Stephen Manning, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Manzo, S.M.
Bro. Gerald Marks, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Marovich, S.M.
Rev. Raymond McMahon, S.M.
Bro. Clyde Miller, S.M.
Rev. Frank Modica, S.M.
Bro. M. Mahoney, S.M.
Bro. Daniel Moock, S.M.
Bro. Gerald Morris, S.M.
Rev. Thomas Niemira, S.M.
Bro. John O’Farrell, S.M.,
Bro. Paul Pieschel, S.M.
Bro. Robert Pint, S.M.
Bro. Richard Pirchner, S.M.
Bro. Pete Pontolillo, S.M.
Bro. Ralph Pranger, S.M.
Bro. Paul Quinn, S.M.
Bro. Eldon Reichert, S.M.
Bro. James Robertson, S.M.
Bro. Michael Robl, S.M.
Bro. Charles Roggemann, S.M.
Bro. Paul Roos, S.M.
Bro. Walter Rydd, S.M.
Bro. Frank Russell, S.M.
Rev. Urban Rupp, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Scheible, S.M.
Bro. John Schneider, S.M.
Bro. Robert Schuellein, S.M.
Bro. Daniel` Shannon, S.M.
Bro. John Spellman, S.M.
Bro. Thomas Stanley, S.M.
Bro. Donald Sullivan, S.M.
Bro. Ted Szymanski, S.M.
Rev. Joseph Tetzlaff, S.M.
Rev. John Tonry, S.M.
Bro. Charles Treubig, S.M. (1904)
Bro. Kevin Whelan, S.M.
Rev. Louis Wiesner, S.M.
Bro. John Wise, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Wisgickel, S.M. (1904)
Bro. James Wolan, S.M.

Thank you Marianists brothers and priests!

The Marianists Brothers and Priests who served at Most Holy Trinity High School now belong to the Marianist Province of the United States, headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Visit their web site at:

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Mission Statement of the Society of Mary (Marianists)

 Empowered by the Holy Spirit
and inspired by the dynamism
of Blessed Chaminade's charism,
we brothers and priests vowed religious in the Marianist Family,
live in community as equals.
Through lives of prayer and Gospel service,
we dedicate ourselves
to the following of Jesus Christ,
Son of God become Son of Mary.

Wherever we are sent
we invite others to share in Mary's Mission
of making Christ present in every age and culture
by forming persons and communities of apostolic faith
that advance justice and reconciliation.
Committed to education,
we minister with youth and in solidarity with the poor.


Do you wish to contact the Marianists?

Five Marianists provinces of the United States came together to form one province a few years ago.  You can write to them at the following address:

The Marianists
Province of the United States
4425 West Pine Blvd.
St. Louis Missouri  63108-2301

Phone: 314-533-1207,  Fax: 314-533-0778

See their web site ( in order to get an email address to which you can write.

General Administration:

The Marianists
Via Latina 22
00179 Rome, Italy

The Vocation Director for the Marianists is Brother Charles Johnson, S.M.
Bro. Charles can be reached at the St. Louis, Missouri address listed above.



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