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Enjoy these photos from times past.         “Memory . . . is the diary that we all carry about with us.” Oscar Wilde

Many of these photos were taken by our parishioner Mr. Wilfred Wason; he has faithfully and skillfully documented the life of our parish through photos for many years.   To him we are very grateful!

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Some may still remember the Solemn High Mass celebrated on the one-hundredth anniversary of Most Holy Trinity on October 15, 1941

There was a similar Mass celebrated on the parish's one-hundredth and twenty-fifth anniversary on October 9, 1966




This is a view looking west from one of the bell towers of our church in the early 1960s.  Not long after this photo was taken, most of the buildings pictured were torn down to make room for the Lindsey Park Buildings, P.S. 250 and an expanded Lindsey Park (the ball-fields).  The intersection at the lower right side of the photo is the corner of Montrose Ave. and Leonard St.  The five story building in the center of the photo sat on the area that is now the P.S. 250 playground; the trees of the then smaller Lindsey Park are visible to the left just beyond that same building .  Note the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan in the upper right corner.







This photo was taken from nearly the same spot on May 19, 2005; the neighborhood has changed!




Looking up to the towers from the school yard in the Fall of 1983 (photo courtesy of Rev. Msgr. John McGuirl).



Sr. Alex Wolochuk, OP, and her 3rd grade class at Most Holy Trinity Elementary School in June of 1984 (photo courtesy of Rev. Msgr. John McGuirl).



Fr. Julio Martinez, OFM Conv., served at Most Holy Trinity from 1981 until 1985.  Here he is pictured with some youths of the parish in 1984 (photo courtesy of Rev. Msgr. John McGuirl).

This was taken at the Easter Vigil in 1984.  Father John McGuirl, our former pastor, is in the distance; Bishop Rene Valero, auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn, is near the basin containing the Holy Water (photo courtesy of Rev. Msgr. John McGuirl).




Fr. Ron Roll, OFM Conv., Sr. Maureen Carey, OP., and Father John McGuirl departed Most Holy Trinity at the same time.  This was at the "Good-bye" reception held for them in the Trinity gym on June 10, 1984 (photo courtesy of Rev. Msgr. John McGuirl). 




In 1990 the towers of the church were reinforced and covered with lead and copper.  This photo shows the scaffolding that was put up in front of the church for the complicated job that was done.

Bishop Rene Valero has always been a friend to Trinity.  He has visited us many times.  Here he is on the Feast of Our Lady of Providencia, a special day for our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters, in November of 1989

Fr. Francis Lombardo, OFM Conv., was our first Franciscan pastor; he served here from 1984 until 1988.  He is remembered fondly!

Ellen and Rita, two of our faithful parishioners sell anniversary tee shirts during the 150th anniversary year in 1991.



Sr. Mary Jane Fulton, OP, served in the parish for many years before retiring in 1997.  She is pictured here (on the right wearing a blue tee shirt) with Zenaida Miranda who has been a parishioner for most of her life; some of children of the parish are pictured with them during the closing cook-out of the Trinity Summer Fun School in 1996.

Fr. Dennis Grumsey, OFM Conv., was stationed in the parish as a parochial vicar from 1985 until 1992.  Here he is on the day he said goodbye to the parish.  He is still missed very much!

Fr. Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv., our pastor from 1988 until 1997, was well loved.  Here he lends a musical hand to our former organist/pianist, Rosemary Carter (who was with us for twenty-five years until she retired in February of 2005).

Fr. Timothy Dore, OFM Conv., lifts up the cross and proclaims "This is the wood of the cross, on which hung the Savior of the World . . . Come let us worship," on Good Friday, March 31, 1994.


The Trinity Summer Fun School operated for several years in the '90s.  Here is the group assembled on the steps of the church in 1997

This was the cook-out on the closing day of the Summer Fun School in 1997


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