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 Conventual Franciscan Burial Places in the Area


The locations of Conventual Franciscan Burial Places in the New York City Area are listed below

The eighteen deceased friars listed on this page never lived or worked at Trinity, however given the close proximity of their final resting places, the friars of Trinity feel a spiritual connection to them and remember them in prayer, especially during the month of November when we remember the dead.  Some of these deceased priests and brothers were well known to the friars who are currently, or have been, associated with Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary.

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Holy Cross Cemetery
3620 Tilden Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11203
Telephone: 718-284-4520

Fr. Joseph Brunemann, OFM Conv.
April 30, 1822 - September 15, 1874
(interred in catacomb # 46, the grave marker is located outside on the right side of the cemetery chapel)

The grave marker in Holy Cross Cemetery.  Fr. Joseph Brunemann was a pioneer Conventual Franciscan Friar who worked among German immigrants in Brooklyn and Long Island from 1854 until his death in 1874.  He was well acquainted with Fr. John Stephen Raffeiner, the first pastor of Most Holy Trinity.


Calvary Cemetery (third)
49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd.
Woodside, Queens, New York 11377
Telephone: 718-786-8000

(Section 25, Range # 5, Plot S, Graves 11-20)

Fr. Joseph (Deacon) Lubomski, OFM Conv.
October 7, 1896 - January 25, 1925
(interred in grave #11)

Friar Stephen Poturalski, OFM Conv.
November 9, 1900 - February 18, 1925
(interred in grave #12)

Fr. Venantius Szulc, OFM Conv.
June 17, 1887 - November 17, 1929
(interred in grave #20)

Fr. Method Szymanski, OFM Conv.
February 18, 1895 - April 30, 1943
(interred in grave #19)

Fr. Marcel Szymanski, OFM Conv.
April 19, 1900 - February 18, 1968
(interred in grave #19)

The grave marker in Calvary Cemetery.  The letters "D.O.M." engraved on the stone are probably an abbreviation for the Latin phrase "Deo Optimo Maximo" ("to God, the best and greatest"); this is actually a motto of the Benedictine Order, but was probably a phrase thought to be an appropriate sending to the friars buried here.

St. John's Cemetery
80-01 Metropolitan Avenue
Middle Village, Queens, New York 11379
Telephone: 718-326-4888

(Section 3, Range F, Plot 39, Graves 1-8)

Fr. Marion Wojcik, OFM Conv.
Died in 1956
(Fr. Marion was a Polish friar who died while staying at St. Adalbert's Friary in Elmhurst, New York)
(interred in grave #1)

Fr. Egidio (Giles) Bugeja, OFM Conv.
October 12, 1877 - March 12, 1958
(interred in grave #2)

Friar Rudolf Zaborski, OFM Conv.
October 6, 1942 - September 6, 1966
(interred in grave #3)

Fr. John Zielinski, OFM Conv.
September 7, 1896 - November 23, 1966
(interred in grave #4)

Fr. Hilary Rakowski, OFM Conv.
December 26, 1902 - April 15, 1971
(interred in grave #5)

Fr. Theodore Kazmarek, OFM Conv.
September 20, 1891 - April 11, 1975
(interred in grave #6)

Fr. Edmund Szymkiewicz, OFM Conv.
May 19, 1916 - July 21, 1995
(interred in grave #7)

Fr. Ferdinand Cisek, OFM Conv.
August 19, 1914 - April 2, 1996
(interred in grave #8)

The grave marker in St. John's Cemetery


Friars buried in other area cemeteries:

Fr. Louis (Kania) Kane, OFM Conv.
June 9, 1929 - November 29, 1976
Cemetery Of The Gate Of Heaven
10 W Stevens Ave
Hawthorne, NY
Telephone: 914-769-3672

 Brother Victor Janusiewicz, OFM Conv.
March 2, 1909 - January 10, 1980
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
125 Central Avenue
East Orange, New Jersey  07018
Telephone: 973-678-3757

Fr. Henry Senft, OFM Conv.
March 14, 1915 - May 5, 1982
St. Mary's Cemetery
1 Outwater Lane
Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07018
Telephone: 201-843-7179

Brother Valentine Jablonski, OFM Conv.
July 29, 1925 - September 30, 2003
Sacred Heart Cemetery, Burlington Road
Parlin, New Jersey 08859
The cemetery is owned by Sacred Heart Church,
531 Washington Avenue
South Amboy, New Jersey, 08879
Telephone: 732-721-0040






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A prayer for our deceased friars:

Lord, here our prayers.  Welcome these friars to paradise.  Help us to comfort each other with the assurances of our faith until we meet in Christ, to be with our brothers forever.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen




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