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 Youth Group Haunted House, October 2005


Our Jornada youth group sponsored a haunted house on Saturday, October 29, 2005.  The haunted house was a community building activity for the youth group and was intended for the enjoyment of children and their parents during the time of Halloween.   Please enjoy the photos!

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After a lot of preparation for the event, the whole group of "actors" posed before the Haunted House began




The tour guides walked through the haunted house in a "dry run" before the guests arrived.

Pictured here are some of the tour guides and a guest.  The two other women were parents who welcomed the guests and sold tickets at the front door. 



Danny, one of our tour guides, went over the rules with the guests who were about to enter the black gates and into the macabre.  We hope the little girl held tight to her mother!

It wasn't too late for this group to turn around and go back before Giselle, their tour guide, collected the group's entrance tickets.

You never knew what might have been lurking around the corner.  Guests were warned to be careful!

These scary fellows were the first to welcome frightened visitors to the Haunted House.  Want some candy?



In the darkness this guy was hard to see.  You never knew what was hiding in the shadows.

There were scary ghouls in every corner.  Here is little Chucky.

If  you were not careful, this bloody character would catch you by surprise as he jumped out of the closet.

The guests were surprised by the arrival of  the head-less man.  Giselle, the tour guide, warned them to keep moving . . .  or else!



The guests were led into the "catacombs" in the darkest and deepest depths of the church basement;  there they prepared to meet "the doctor of death."

Meanwhile, Freddy was lurking around the corner waiting to startle the guests.

Freddy did his best to scare the guests.  Only a mother could love a face like that!

The school girls and their friend were not as worried about Freddy as were the guests.



This young lady was confident and unafraid . . . even though Freddy was hiding right behind her.

This ghoulish guy had spooky eyes and crazy hair.

These characters stepped out of character for this shot.

This poor guy went to the electric chair.   He lit up as the guests passed by.



These clowns welcomed the guests into their room.  A lot of noise and strange lights frightened those who entered.

No one would want to meet this guy in a dark corner!

This machete wielder had no mercy on his victims.

Little Chucky caught up with guests in many dark corners and then disappeared behind the pillars, only to frighten the guests again in another unexpected place.


This poor soul screamed for help from behind the glass.  He was being held by the butcher who planned to deal with him soon thereafter.

The butcher prepared "to take care of" his victim.

This frightening character with ghoulish face make-up was hiding in the shadows throughout the tour.

This sickle wielder pursued the guests from one side of the house to the other.  Many screamed as they came into his presence.



This murderer was waiting near the end of the haunted house tour for the opportunity for one more frightening moment.

This poor possessed woman was the last attraction on the tour; she bid the guests words of "farewell."

At the conclusion of the tour the guest were invited to enjoy the refreshments served by the members of the youth group.

A mom welcomed her kids back after the tour.


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