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Most Holy Trinity Elementary School

Saints Joseph & Dominic Catholic Academy


Most Holy Trinity School was established in 1841.  For more than one-hundred and sixty years it was a vital part of the parish and of the neighborhood.  On Ash Wednesday, February 9, 2005, the Diocese of Brooklyn announced that a major restructuring of its system of schools would be in place by the start of the 2005-2006 school year; many parish schools would close, some would merge with, or be absorbed by others.  On that somber day, it was announced that each of the three schools of our cluster would be closed and that a new school would open at the Trinity location.  Consequently, Most Holy Trinity and the neighboring schools of Transfiguration and All Saints graduated their last classes in June of 2005.  Most Holy Trinity School had the unique distinction of being the oldest parish school in the Diocese of Brooklyn that had continually educated students from 1841 until its doors officially closed in 2005.

In September of 2005 a new regional school, representing Most Holy Trinity, Transfiguration, All Saints, and the other  four parishes of the local cluster (Epiphany, St. Mary's, Our Lady of Pompeii and Sts. Peter and Paul), opened with the name Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy of Williamsburg.  The new regional school continued to offer the same quality education that had been given to children in the cluster for generations.

**In June of 2013, and with great sadness, a decision was made to close Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy.  Decreasing enrollment and financial difficulties made this painful decision necessary. After the closure, and for the first time in 172 years, there was no school operating at Most Holy Trinity. For most of the history of our area, nearly all of our local parishes operated schools for their parishioners. Today, most of our families send their children to public schools.

-- Today, some of our children attend Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy, at 11 Catherine Street, Brooklyn, New York 11211.  If interested in more information, and perhaps the possibility of enrolling your children there, the school can be reached at 718-388-7992.  Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy

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The building that housed Most Holy Trinity School and Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy was built in 1887 and is located at 140 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

The building still houses some parish offices, the parish gym (which is used nearly every day), and some activities of our Religious Education Program

We hope that in the future some type of educational activity will continue to grace the classrooms within this venerable old building!


If you are looking for school records from Most Holy Trinity School or from Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy, you must call the Office of Diocesan Archives.

More Contact Information

Office of Diocesan Archives
310 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215
FAX: 718-965-7302

Joseph W. Coen, Archivist, ext. 1001,

For additional assistance regarding sacramental and
student records from closed schools and parishes, please contact extension 1002.

History of the School

In 1853, when the first Amityville Dominican Sisters arrived in America from Regensburg, Germany, they quickly assumed responsibility for the parish school at Most Holy Trinity. In the early years of the community's presence in Brooklyn, the sisters educated the children of German immigrants; in addition to their work at Trinity, the sisters eventually went to nearby All Saints School as well as to other parishes of Williamsburg and beyond.

In 1855, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, another great community of women religious, arrived in Brooklyn and assumed the responsibility for the parish school at Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (for most of its history known as St. Mary's, Maujer Street).  The sisters eventually took on the responsibilities of teaching the children at the nearby parish schools of Epiphany, Transfiguration and Sts. Peter and Paul; in the earliest days, the majority of the people of these parishes were Irish immigrants.  The Sisters of Saint Joseph are proud to have, as part of their one-hundred and fifty year history, the legacy of serving the parishes of our neighborhood and many others in Brooklyn and beyond.

Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy of Williamsburg opened in 2005; it was heir to the six schools of our neighborhood  that were formerly served by the Sisters of St. Dominic and the Sisters of St. Joseph.  The new school was so named in order to honor the many years of dedicated service given to the parishes of our cluster by the sisters of both religious communities.  Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy continued the traditions of the former schools; it was a vital resource for our community in its day, serving the changing needs of the neighborhood.

Boasting a dedicated religious and lay faculty, Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy of Williamsburg strove to educate its students with Christian values and academic excellence; the parishes of our cluster, our administration, faculty and parents hoped the school would offer its students the moral and intellectual tools needed in order to become blessed and productive members of society.




The school shield depicted the Dominican Cross set within a triangle. Dominican Sisters of Amityville administered and taught in the Academy; they offered a presence that began with the arrival of sisters of their community in Brooklyn over one hundred and fifty years ago.  The triangle, a symbol of the Trinity, called to mind the location of the Academy; the school building formerly housed the parish school of Most Holy Trinity and was built in the year 1887.


The flag of the Unites States of America always flew proudly over both Most Holy Trinity School and Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy of Williamsburg.



The Seven Sponsoring Parishes of Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy of Williamsburg:

(listed in the order the parishes were founded)

Most Holy Trinity (founded 1841)
138 Montrose Avenue

Sts. Peter and Paul (founded in 1843)
71 South 3rd Street

Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary [known as St. Mary's] (founded in 1854)
72 Maujer Street

All Saints (founded in 1867)
115 Throop Avenue

Transfiguration (founded in 1874)
263 Marcy Avenue

Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompei (founded in 1900)
225 Siegel Street

 Epiphany (founded in 1905)
96 South 9th Street




Mr. Phil McHugh taught at Most Holy Trinity school for seventeen years; he then served as a faculty member of Saints Joseph and Dominic Catholic Academy of Williamsburg for three years, departing in June of 2008.  We will always be grateful to Mr. McHugh for his many years of service.


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