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Web Site Disclaimer for the Parish of Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary, Brooklyn, New York


Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary
138 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, New York  11206


         Unless otherwise indicated, all contents on this website are protected by copyright and may not be used for any purpose without explicit permission from the Parish of Most Holy Trinity -- St. Mary, Brooklyn, New York (henceforth known as Trinity in this document).

         Trinity does not take responsibility for the contents of the different and independent sites that can be accessed through our site’s web pages.  Links to other sites from our website are provided “as is” and do not necessarily represent the position of Trinity; Trinity does not necessarily endorse the contents of sites linked to our own.  Use of these links from the Trinity website are made at your own risk; we assume no liability or responsibility for use of links from Trinity’s site.

         Those who access the Trinity site must responsibly decide whether or not a particular linked website is acceptable to them.  Children should always be supervised by their parents/guardians when accessing any Internet sites.  If you find a link on our website that you feel is inappropriate or offensive, please email your comments to our Webmaster (at

         By accessing our website, you fully acknowledge the following:  Under no circumstances shall Trinity, its administrators (including the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn), parishioners, employees, affiliates or representatives be liable for any type of damage that might result from the use of the materials and content accessed through our website.

         All written materials (i.e., texts), photographs and other images on this site are the property of Trinity, or they are the property of others and are used with permission.  All written materials (i.e., texts), photographs and other images used on this site may not be used in any form without prior and explicit permission from Trinity.

         If you do not agree with the terms and conditions outlined here, and that govern access to our website, you must immediately discontinue accessing our website; the onus of this responsibility is yours.


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